Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Facebook Capture Page - A MUST!!!

So last post I had talked about Jim Chao's capture page. Now We will take it the next step.

With that NEW Facebook capture page and ad copy you will now put that to EVERYWHERE you can. Not just listbuilders like Viral.

My favorite places to put that copy and facebook capture page:
  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Myspace
  4. Listbuilders
    1. ListBandit has been converting higher for me than ViralURL with this copy paste
  5. Classifieds
    1. Craigslist
    2. Backpages
  6. Blogs
  7. Forums
  8. Twitter
  9. on and on and on
If you were thinking outside of the box, your whole goal is to get targeted people to see this capture page. If you are doing article marketing and/or video marketing you can get some serious hits if your doing your keyword research. Then just send them to this as a means to help them get leads. WIN!

This capture page converts very high ~20-30% and doesn't require a picture or video. Of course you can tweak it to add your image but just the standard picture will do to get that conversion.

Watch Jim's Video again and pull his capture page and ad copy:
Click here (also in back office training archives)
  • Campaign Summary
  • Create New Campaign
  • Create New Site Group
  • Group Theme - Social Content
  • Lead Page Template - Facebook Monetization
  • Welcome Page - Skip
  • Sale Page - Facebook Intro
Do this!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ListBuilders, Even Free

2009-11-18:  MLMLeadSystemPRO™ Super-Charging ViralURL with Jim Chao

Watch Jim's video in the backoffice of MLSP. 

 He describes some of the things you need to do and gives you the EXACT capture page and Email you should be blasting. I'm converting little over 20% with copy paste.

 These listbuilders are free to join and will allow you to blast the white list but not to the extent to paid members do. So your not spamming people.

I am a member of 5 different listbuilders. I am a Paying Member of 3 of them.
You can join them for FREE. 

  1. ViralUR (paid member)
  2. DownlinebuilderDirect (paid member)
  3. ListAuction
  4. ListJoe
  5. ListBandit (paid member)
If your on a tight budget you should be signing up for ALL of these for FREE if they still let you.

NOTE: You MUST learn how to filter you emails or you will be flooded with emails from these listbuilders. Don't delete the emails but instead store them in a fold with a filter and study the subject lines for future mailings.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What I started with to get some leads

When I first started, I got my first 10 leads in MLSP this way:

  1. I already understood Magnetic Sponsoring. If you don't, why haven't you? Here is the 7 day free video training again.
  2. I went to BetterNetworker, Warrior Forums, Facebook, Myspace, WAHM, yahoo answers, and craigslist.
  3. Initially I spent about 10hrs a week on pure marketing. I made all calls additional to this marketing time.
You are supposed to be setting goals for your business. Leads are the life blood of your income. The more leads = the more possibility of making money with affiliate sales and primary business sales (and signups).

I generated my first 10 leads in 2 days.

I'm telling you this is possible if you follow the action plan and LEARN marketing. When you hit your first couple leads you will get a handle of what you like to do and what comes easy for you.

Knowing what I know now...... This is my personal recommendation if you are looking for leads on a budget.

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Facebook
  3. Article Marketing
  4. Forums

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sign Up For All Affiliates

currently there are 16 total affiliates.

There are only 2 that you need to pay for to be allowed to make money from it.
-MLM Lead System Pro
-Magnetic Sponsoring

All the rest are FREEEEEEEE to join.
If you are setting up your marketing system there is NO reason you can tell me to NOT sign up for them. They are FREE to join to be an affiliate.

Affiliate + Traffic = Money

If you don't like money don't sign up for all of them.

When you start getting better you will run into affiliates you like and you can add your own to your system through your autoresponder, blog, articles....

Don't be lazy. Fill them out. Get paid for people who say NO to your primary business.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I am NOT your technical support, I am your Coach

The best way for me to really coach you is for you to have some Tough Love.

  • I am not here to hold your hand
  • I am not here to troubleshoot your virus
  • I am not here to teach you how to use a PC
  • I am not your best friend
  • I am not a magician
  • I am not a lottery machine

Now I know this sounds harsh but you need to understand the relationship to see why I say these tough statements

  • I am here to Coach you. Not be your best friend. Sure we might be friends later but the #1 reason you came to me was because you WANTED TO MAKE MONEY. You didn't opt into my site to be friends. Friends will tell you what you WANT to hear. Not what you NEED to hear.
  • I am here to teach you Pure Marketing. No frills, No Fluff
  • If you are NOT coachable I can NOT help you. If I tell you to do something and you just ignore what I tell you how can I continue to help you? If I tell you to do steps 1-11 and you come back to tell me you did only to say you just WATCHED the videos how is that completing the steps? So Listen And Apply what I tell you to do.
  • This is not to say I won't help you with some tricks
  • This is not to say I won't tell you some PC short cuts (even though I have 3 macs and 0 pcs)
  • If you have been following me long enough you KNOW I am responsive. I will help you build your business. But you need to work with me here.
  • If you get stuck do a quick search. MLSP Support, Magnetic Support, Aweber/GetResponse Support, GoDaddy support are the main support systems that can help you do what you need to do.
    • I will of course troubleshoot anything if it's quick but I can NOT help you do minor changes that could have been complete if you had just watched a video.
  • This is not to say I won't help you.....

You see I am here to TEACH YOU. But I am not the PC tech guy. We have many many systems in place to help you with this. You need to educate yourself. You are building a business from scratch. You are learning marketing so dig in.

There is a wealth of information you can find in there and also another forum of JUST MLSP members. I want to help you but you came to me to help you build a business, not program your site. You will need to learn some for me to help you.

All tough love aside....

I am here to help you succeed as FAST AS YOU CAN RUN.

If you want massive results, take massive action ===== DAILY

I have posted my numbers from 2 of my affiliates. This was attained in less than 6 months. What are you willing to do to make that type of money so you can build a HUGE team for your Primary Business?

In Summary
Think long term. You can NOT afford to spend too much attention to a member until they have proven  themselves. You need to be able to pass on your marketing system and training to your downline if it has a chance to be duplicatable. If you are the one always doing the tech support, that leaves little time to help people market. You gotta let people learn on their own for them to grow. Don't suffocate your team.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Outsource Marketing With Lawrence Tam

The Beta Group Has Ended. We are now forming a waiting list. I will only be accept a limited number to ensure quality.

Here is the Current Setup for Outsourcing

  1. 10 hr/week MLSP marketing to your funnel or your own primary business capture page
  2. Marketing
    1. Classifieds (depends if you can sign up with Craigslist)
    2. Facebook (you must sign up yourself first)
    3. Article Marketing
    4. Video Marketing (if you provide videos)
  3. Cost (pay through paypal to me)
    1. $50 one time account setup
    2. $125/week or $400/month (will go to $450/month soon)
The packages will change as I make the marketing more efficient.

What YOU will need to do:
  1. Sign up for ALL of the affiliates in MLSP. This is YOUR multiple income streams
  2. Pay for hosting your domain on MLSP $50 through them. This will increase our productivity by 50% easily. Super Hero Package includes 1 hosted domain already.
  3. Sign up for free websites as needed like twitter, digg, stumbleupon... and provide us the username/password to log in
  4. If you get a phone number you need to CALL THEM. These are hot leads and this is how you get people looking to joining YOU. What do you say? Get trained here:

My costs are based on MLSP previous outsourcing packages that were available with Oliver Turner (closed for new customers already):
  • $200 Setup
  • 60hr/month = $1000
  • 120hr/month = $1500
Email me directly if you are interested.

Proof that a funded proposal works.

MLSP income Sept 2009

Magnetic Sponsoring  Sep 1, 2009 - Sep 15, 2009 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Either Time or Money

So I've probably told you this over the phone or email but it's important enough to put it down in writing.

You will need to invest either TIME or MONEY when marketing. If you have neither well..... you need to change something up. You generally have one or the other. If you have no money AND not time you need to prioritize if building a business is something in your future.

If you have time you need to continue to plug into MLSP and learn the basic and advance marketing methods. You can do this with a minimal budget.

If you are having some issues with time and just really only want to close people I am coming closer to accepting a handful of people into my small marketing "paid" group.

My introductory rate while it's in Beta is $100/week through Paypal. I have a personal assistant on staff who is working this full time. He reports directly to me and I am training him personally on how I get 30+ leads a day.

Beta has ended. The first couple of members got the Beta Rate. The current rate will be displayed on the Outsourcing page at the link on Top.

The current methods of marketing right now we will be implementing is:
1) Classifieds
2) Facebook
3) Article Marketing
4) Social Bookmarking

Optional and Future Development
1) Video Marketing - If you provide the video we will attract them to it using marketing methods
2) Pay Per Click (PPC) - I am working on doing a co-op for this and will be charging a small account maintenance fee. You will then get full access to my own ppc builder tool so you can get a couple thousand keywords up and running within the day. Details not finalized yet. I will be posting my own PPC results so you can see if this is something you want to do.

I will be using Google and Yahoo. Bing will be an additional as most of that has to be done by hand.

Here is my proof that my own personal blend of marketing works.
LeaderBoard for October 5, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Page is OPTIONAL

My recommendation for all of your Campaigns and site groups when starting out is:

1) Leave the Optional Welcome page OFF
2) Shoot One video for the lead capture page. The welcome video and sales page are not necessary right now

Start making more site groups and ALWAYS split test your site groups 2 at a time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The importance of Keyword Researching

So if you are doing PPC to video marketing you need to zero in on specific keywords. You want these keywords in the title and body of your text. Even if you are doing a video you need to be making sure you have the keywords you want to target.

The best tool is to use WordTracker.
The Best FREE tool is Google adwords keyword tool
The Best Method Overall is using PPC (google, yahoo, bing)

When you pick good keywords you can maximize your efforts. You want people to find you and the best way to do that is by using keywords that are actually being searched on right now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

MLSP New Levels

MLSP™ Leadership Levels

Leadership Level: L1 - MLSP™ Pro Builder

When you refer 10 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 5 subscriptions still active. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Builder recognition on our leadership pages
  • Opportunity to submit testimonial for MLSP™ sales pages

Leadership Level: L2 - MLSP™ Pro Achiever

When you refer 25 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 13 subscriptions still active. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Achiever recognition on our leadership pages
  • 5 Domain Credits 2

Leadership Level: L3 - MLSP™ Pro Producer

When you refer 50 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 25 subscriptions still active. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Producer recognition on our leadership pages
  • Complimentary MLSP™ account (must stay qualified as an L3 or above)
  • 5 Additional Domain Credits 2
  • 40% commissions on personally sponsored MLSP™ member subscription payments instead of 30%
  • 25% commission increase on select MLSP™ product commissions from personally sponsored members 3
  • LIVE Interview on our special MLSP™ Webinar "Interviews with Leaders"

Leadership Level: L4 - MLSP™ Pro Leader

When you refer 100 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 50 subscriptions still active. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Leader recognition on our leadership pages
  • Unlimited domain credits 2 (must stay qualified as an L4 or above)
  • 50% commission increase on select MLSP™ product commissions from personally sponsored members 3
  • Receive 2nd tier commissions set at 10% of MLSP™ purchase price (must stay qualified as an L4)
  • Invitation to apply for the MLSP™ Mastermind Team 4
  • Complimentary invite to MLSP™ Leaders Retreat - upon acceptance to MLSP™ Mastermind Team (held twice yearly - first event January 2010, Colorado)

Leadership Level: L5 - MLSP™ Pro Premier Leader

When you refer 150 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 75 subscriptions still active; including 10 L1 members, 5 L2 members, and 1 L3 member. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Premier Leader recognition on our leadership pages
  • 50% commissions on personally sponsored MLSP™ member subscription payments instead of 30%
  • 75% commission increase on select MLSP™ product commissions from personally sponsored members 3
  • Receive 2nd tier commissions set at 15% of MLSP™ purchase price (must stay qualified as an L5 or above)
  • Invitation to apply for the MLSP™ Mastermind Team 4
  • Complimentary invite to MLSP™ Leaders Retreat - upon acceptance to MLSP™ Mastermind Team (held twice yearly - first event January 2010, Colorado)
  • MLSP™ Car Lease (2 year lease valued at $12,000)
  • Cash prize of $5,000

Leadership Level: L6 - MLSP™ Pro Elite Leader

When you refer 200 MLSP™ monthly subscriptions that have paid their first full-month fee of $49.97, with a minimum of 100 subscriptions still active; including 10 L2 members, 5 L3 members, and 2 L4 members. 1
  • MLSP™ Pro Elite Leader recognition on our leadership pages
  • 60% commissions on personally sponsored MLSP™ member subscription payments instead of 30%
  • 90% commission increase on select MLSP™ product commissions from personally sponsored members 3
  • Invitation to apply for the MLSP™ Mastermind Team 4
  • Complimentary invite to MLSP™ Leaders Retreat - upon acceptance to MLSP™ Mastermind Team (twice yearly - first event January 2010, Colorado)
  • MLSP™ Luxury Car Lease (2 year lease valued at $24,000)
  • Cash prize of $10,000

Thursday, September 10, 2009



All traffic isn't alike. There is "laser targeted" and just general traffic. Of course you want laser targeted traffic where you are talking directly to a small niche group so you can zero in on their pain and solve their problem. By doing so your conversions sky rocket.

The other school of thought is to play the numbers. As long as the people coming in are qualified, the leads will come due to sheer numbers.

There is a difference to when you should do either of these.

Laser Targeted: (ex 20 clicks a day)
1) PPC - You ONLY want laser targeted. Why? Cause you pay per click. better make them count
2) Any other paid method that costs per action

Generic Traffic (1000 clicks a day)
1) Organic Traffic from everywhere. Blogs, Social Sites, Articles, Videos. This traffic is free. As long as they have a couple things in common they can click all day. This helps a couple ways.

The more comments, traffic you push to these sites even more people will come. You will just win by sheer numbers. There is no charge for looking and you want to generate interest.

Now some traffic is just pure junk or just from search engine robots. Not a big deal as your not paying for it so don't worry about your conversion numbers on these. You just want interest.


Regardless of what traffic you use make sure when they become a lead you CONVERT THEM. They should become your OWN MLSP member paying you and a high percentage of them should be joining you in your Primary Business.

So push traffic (targeted or not) and get those leads. Some leads are better than others but you should still be converting a lot of them. Play with your marketing system to increase automation conversions.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Battle for the BMW

Unless you were hiding under a rock. MLSP has released their contest. WIN THE BIMMER!

Get your marketing system humming and start getting those members in play. More details in the back office

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Use your OWN video on your capture page

It has come to my attention that some of you are NOT using your own video.

for the most part that is the entire reason for using a customizable system.

YOU need to be branded. People JOIN people. Get a webcam or camcorder and get your face and voice out there. That is the first steps to getting some serious retention in your team and downline.

What to say? Use mine and Norberts as a benchmark. Get one generic video up then start to build a couple captures pages. When you want to target a specific group... make a new video talking to them ;)

Stop branding norbert. At least take that off and just use the picture theme if your not ready.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Offline and Online Training Webinar

This Is NOT a MLSP Standard Webinar. You will NOT see this archived in the backoffice. If this is something you want to learn you MUST register.

What you will learn this Thursday at 9:00 PM EST...
  • How & why the top internet marketers & offline marketers are teaming up to do what's never been done before.
  • How these offline guys built a downline of 60,000 distributors completely OFFLINE.
  • How these online guys generated 400,000+ leads and $2,000,000 in 12 months completely ONLINE.
  • What 50+ years of collective network marketing experience has taught these 5 individuals about succeeding in MLM.
  • What company this behemoth team has partnered with and why.
  • How you can be a part of MLM history as this team plans to create hundreds of millionaires over the next 2 years!
  • And much, much more! 
click to Reserve Your Seat

Monday, August 24, 2009

Disabled on Facebook

Yes. I got kicked.

This lesson is to show that if your not pushing the envelope your not trying hard enough.

1) I got disabled because I posted 6-7 wall posts. Be careful with that.
2) Don't put all of your traffic in one spot. Just because my facebook traffic is on hold doesn't mean ALL of my leads are stopping. This also goes true to PPC. You need to master 2-3 in the beginning.
3) As with any business, crap happens and you just need to be quick to rebound. That's all. Things change all the time and that is why EDUCATION is so important.

I hope to have my account back up in the next week or so.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did you read and understand Magnetic Sponsoring?

Okay, sure so you feel like you can go in and start dominating online with MLSP and your closing skills....

Remember. This is the ONLY game in town that is fully based on Magnetic Sponsoring. You must totally understand that mindset to be able to Attract Leaders vs Chase the bottom feeders.

Think of this.

Do you want 100 lazy reps or 1 lead generating monster with a self funded marketing system?

Sure you 100 lazy reps might help you initially with commissions but stop thinking short term. Think of this as as a business and realize you only need a handful of dangerous marketers on your side.

Read it again, dive into it, make sure your sales funnel has that Magnetic Sponsoring is REQUIRED to work with you.

Magnetic Sponsoring pays you $20 per sale but remember Mike Dillard has so many other programs that convert very high and his back end product costs $1000. Guess who gets a nice pay day ;) This ONE program will pay for a lot of your marketing expenses.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MLSP Running Buddies

People do this for exercise so why not for learning marketing and generating leads?

If you want a running buddy to bounce ides off or just to learn faster leave your name and email on the comment section. I will try and get your a partner.

The whole Idea is this.

You are at a stage that you want to generate leads ASAP. Maybe you have limited resources or maybe you didn't understand that last training call. What better way to learn than with another person in your own shoes?

Of course I'm here to oversea success and interject my guidance but I'm talking about details. You will get a faster response to questions that someone your level might be having right now.

This will help you learn 2x as fast and you will be able to cover more ground in testing what works for you and your partner.

This becomes even more important for those of you in different time zones who can't get a hold of me. ( I only use skype for specific appointments)

Why Did I Link My Bio To Facebook?

Perry Belcher has a term he uses: "Content Wrapping".

Basically you want to give people some content/value before you sell them anything. Break down that sales wall before you speak about business. So how do you do this with someone you don't even know or while your asleep?

Leverage content like articles, video, and even personal profiles. This is where pictures come up big.

I linked to my Facebook to let you know you MUST be on Facebook. NO QUESTION.

If you get a lead from say a classified website, you should immediately seek them out on Facebook and connect. Don't pitch, just connect. You see at this point they have already expressed interest in what you have but by connecting you are further getting closer to the "Pain".

If you can find someone's "Pain" you can sell them a "Solution".

Study This Diagram, Print It out, Sleep With it...
This is found also in your training section of MLSP:
"Step 3: Review the MLMLeadSystemPRO Overview & Strategy"

And you thought I was kidding when there is a LOT of training in the backoffice of MLSP :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Personal Traffic

We all know we need leads and to convert those leads to sales and/or members.

Now. Before you can even get to that you need traffic. Some traffic is better than others and will convert at a higher clip.

But... I've been testing (yes, I am an engineer) and I like to test to see what works.

Here is a snap shot of my traffic JUST to my landing pages ( I say pages because I have like 40 I think up and what you can ALSO do).

What is really funny is that I scaled back on PPC to make sure it's not from that source and I basically increased my traffic by 6x in 2 weeks paying less than what I was with PPC.

Still testing but this is what you need to be doing. Always tweaking and testing to see what works for you.

Tools And What I Personally Use - Work In Progress

All of the Affiliates Used in MLM Lead System Pro are good. Now I use almost all of them depending on where I'm concentrating my marketing. Here are some essentials and I'll come back and and why ;) Oh. I'll update my traffic and you will see why I use certain tools more than others.

This is required so not even sure why I need to put this on here but just for giggles if you feel asleep when setting up your system.

Basic Training

Basic Tools

Pay Per Click - Don't Touch This Until You Get Some Training

Article Marketing - Content Marketing (Not in Backoffice)
  • Free Traffic System - Increase Targeted Website Traffic with Free Unlimited One Way Links
    • Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

      Video Submission

      Advance Training

      Monday, August 10, 2009

      Linkedin And Other Business Social Sites

      Get on Linkedin.

      I generally only use this for my headhunters looking for me (Mechanical Engineer) and I get a ton of hits.

      Now. I've been speaking with the mastermind team and this is an UNTAPPED gold mine.

      I will be making a larger presence there so get to it!

      Remember, there are MANY business social sites. This will help you "weed" out a lot of teenagers if you know what I mean.

      Email Scripts

      When you start getting leads and team members you will start to realize you are saying the same things over and over.

      Get a good script and plug and play the name of the lead or team member.

      This will save you hours on writing, re-reading, and editing emails. Of course some leads will have to be different depending on the situation but save as much time as you can to do what matters most.....

      Make money.


      Close Members and Teach Them HOW to market. That's it.

      Once people see VALUE in you and your system. They will gravitate to your primary business. It's the Law of Attraction. The numbers will work out.

      Tuesday, July 21, 2009

      Welcome To My Team

      Hello Gang,

      I wanted to open a website so you can come to get good quality content to build your OWN MLSP Marketing System.

      I will be adding categories for specific questions about the system and tweaks for you to use.