Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MLSP Running Buddies

People do this for exercise so why not for learning marketing and generating leads?

If you want a running buddy to bounce ides off or just to learn faster leave your name and email on the comment section. I will try and get your a partner.

The whole Idea is this.

You are at a stage that you want to generate leads ASAP. Maybe you have limited resources or maybe you didn't understand that last training call. What better way to learn than with another person in your own shoes?

Of course I'm here to oversea success and interject my guidance but I'm talking about details. You will get a faster response to questions that someone your level might be having right now.

This will help you learn 2x as fast and you will be able to cover more ground in testing what works for you and your partner.

This becomes even more important for those of you in different time zones who can't get a hold of me. ( I only use skype for specific appointments)

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