Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Did I Link My Bio To Facebook?

Perry Belcher has a term he uses: "Content Wrapping".

Basically you want to give people some content/value before you sell them anything. Break down that sales wall before you speak about business. So how do you do this with someone you don't even know or while your asleep?

Leverage content like articles, video, and even personal profiles. This is where pictures come up big.

I linked to my Facebook to let you know you MUST be on Facebook. NO QUESTION.

If you get a lead from say a classified website, you should immediately seek them out on Facebook and connect. Don't pitch, just connect. You see at this point they have already expressed interest in what you have but by connecting you are further getting closer to the "Pain".

If you can find someone's "Pain" you can sell them a "Solution".

Study This Diagram, Print It out, Sleep With it...
This is found also in your training section of MLSP:
"Step 3: Review the MLMLeadSystemPRO Overview & Strategy"

And you thought I was kidding when there is a LOT of training in the backoffice of MLSP :)

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