Thursday, August 20, 2009

Did you read and understand Magnetic Sponsoring?

Okay, sure so you feel like you can go in and start dominating online with MLSP and your closing skills....

Remember. This is the ONLY game in town that is fully based on Magnetic Sponsoring. You must totally understand that mindset to be able to Attract Leaders vs Chase the bottom feeders.

Think of this.

Do you want 100 lazy reps or 1 lead generating monster with a self funded marketing system?

Sure you 100 lazy reps might help you initially with commissions but stop thinking short term. Think of this as as a business and realize you only need a handful of dangerous marketers on your side.

Read it again, dive into it, make sure your sales funnel has that Magnetic Sponsoring is REQUIRED to work with you.

Magnetic Sponsoring pays you $20 per sale but remember Mike Dillard has so many other programs that convert very high and his back end product costs $1000. Guess who gets a nice pay day ;) This ONE program will pay for a lot of your marketing expenses.

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