Thursday, September 10, 2009



All traffic isn't alike. There is "laser targeted" and just general traffic. Of course you want laser targeted traffic where you are talking directly to a small niche group so you can zero in on their pain and solve their problem. By doing so your conversions sky rocket.

The other school of thought is to play the numbers. As long as the people coming in are qualified, the leads will come due to sheer numbers.

There is a difference to when you should do either of these.

Laser Targeted: (ex 20 clicks a day)
1) PPC - You ONLY want laser targeted. Why? Cause you pay per click. better make them count
2) Any other paid method that costs per action

Generic Traffic (1000 clicks a day)
1) Organic Traffic from everywhere. Blogs, Social Sites, Articles, Videos. This traffic is free. As long as they have a couple things in common they can click all day. This helps a couple ways.

The more comments, traffic you push to these sites even more people will come. You will just win by sheer numbers. There is no charge for looking and you want to generate interest.

Now some traffic is just pure junk or just from search engine robots. Not a big deal as your not paying for it so don't worry about your conversion numbers on these. You just want interest.


Regardless of what traffic you use make sure when they become a lead you CONVERT THEM. They should become your OWN MLSP member paying you and a high percentage of them should be joining you in your Primary Business.

So push traffic (targeted or not) and get those leads. Some leads are better than others but you should still be converting a lot of them. Play with your marketing system to increase automation conversions.

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