Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ListBuilders, Even Free

2009-11-18:  MLMLeadSystemPRO™ Super-Charging ViralURL with Jim Chao

Watch Jim's video in the backoffice of MLSP.

 He describes some of the things you need to do and gives you the EXACT capture page and Email you should be blasting. I'm converting little over 20% with copy paste.

 These listbuilders are free to join and will allow you to blast the white list but not to the extent to paid members do. So your not spamming people.

I am a member of 5 different listbuilders. I am a Paying Member of 3 of them.
You can join them for FREE. 

  1. ViralURhttp://vur.me/spooonL (paid member)
  2. DownlinebuilderDirect (paid member)
  3. ListAuction
  4. ListJoe
  5. ListBandit (paid member)
If your on a tight budget you should be signing up for ALL of these for FREE if they still let you.

NOTE: You MUST learn how to filter you emails or you will be flooded with emails from these listbuilders. Don't delete the emails but instead store them in a fold with a filter and study the subject lines for future mailings.

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