Monday, October 5, 2009

Either Time or Money

So I've probably told you this over the phone or email but it's important enough to put it down in writing.

You will need to invest either TIME or MONEY when marketing. If you have neither well..... you need to change something up. You generally have one or the other. If you have no money AND not time you need to prioritize if building a business is something in your future.

If you have time you need to continue to plug into MLSP and learn the basic and advance marketing methods. You can do this with a minimal budget.

If you are having some issues with time and just really only want to close people I am coming closer to accepting a handful of people into my small marketing "paid" group.

My introductory rate while it's in Beta is $100/week through Paypal. I have a personal assistant on staff who is working this full time. He reports directly to me and I am training him personally on how I get 30+ leads a day.

Beta has ended. The first couple of members got the Beta Rate. The current rate will be displayed on the Outsourcing page at the link on Top.

The current methods of marketing right now we will be implementing is:
1) Classifieds
2) Facebook
3) Article Marketing
4) Social Bookmarking

Optional and Future Development
1) Video Marketing - If you provide the video we will attract them to it using marketing methods
2) Pay Per Click (PPC) - I am working on doing a co-op for this and will be charging a small account maintenance fee. You will then get full access to my own ppc builder tool so you can get a couple thousand keywords up and running within the day. Details not finalized yet. I will be posting my own PPC results so you can see if this is something you want to do.

I will be using Google and Yahoo. Bing will be an additional as most of that has to be done by hand.

Here is my proof that my own personal blend of marketing works.
LeaderBoard for October 5, 2009

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